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About us

As an independent asset manager, the SAMAG Group manages alternative investments in the field of renewable energies and infrastructure for institutional investors throughout Europe and designs investment strategies and concepts for investors. Thanks to its many years of experience, comprehensive expertise and high standards in terms of sustainable value creation, the SAMAG Group is able to offer tailor-made investment vehicles.

SAMAG always pursues a multidisciplinary approach over the entire term of an investment because attractive returns that can be planned over the long term are only possible through active performance management. Alternative tailor-made investment solutions with stable long-term returns are the focus of SAMAG’s offering.

The SAMAG Group offers institutional and professional investors more than 10 years of experience in the asset class of renewable energies and infrastructure. The SAMAG 

Group was established in Luxembourg in 2009 to manage the Green Utility Fund for insurance companies, pension funds and family offices, which is supervised by the Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier, the Luxembourg Financial Sector Supervisory Authority (CSSF).

Who are we

Founded in 2009 by Michael Saur, the SAMAG 

Group today manages €340 million in assets in the renewable energies and infrastructure sectors as well as €560 million in PE funds of funds for institutional investors.

The SAMAG Group’s comprehensive range of services enables investments to be implemented in accordance with investors’ specifications. The implementation is carried out by an experienced team of specialists from the planning and/or construction phase through to the operation of a power plant. This know-how is complemented by comprehensive knowledge of the regulatory requirements of the various investor groups.

In order to offer its investors sustainable performance, SAMAG’s 

experienced team analyses each individual potential investment in detail. Comprehensive due diligence with selected partners and clearly defined processes are the prerequisites for solid investments, stable performance and long-term stable earnings.

Investments are made in efficient projects from the following areas:

  •  Renewable energies
  •  Energy-related infrastructure
  •  Energy efficiency
  •  Recycling

SAMAG’s business covers the entire value chain to achieve a unique level of integrity and sustainability in its investment solutions.

The SAMAG team identifies, develops, finances, manages and operates all investments along the entire value chain, using its extensive network in the respective industry.

  • Officially licensed Alternative Investment Fund Manager (AIFM) to launch and manage regulated fund products.
  • Building up tax-optimised investment instruments and investment solutions tailored to the needs of investors.
  • Fulfilment of regulatory requirements such as Solvency II, Investment Ordinance (AnlV), etc.

We are an experienced team in investment and asset management – with the following tasks, among others:

  • Due diligence (implementation, coordination and management).
  • Transaction management including contract negotiations with the external partners.
  • Comprehensive controlling & planning at fund and asset level.
  • Valuation of assets for the annual financial statements in coordination with the external partners.
  • OPEX budgeting and liquidity planning at fund and asset level.
  • Optimisation, restructuring and reorganisation of investments.
  • AIFM-compliant regular investor reporting.



We offer our investors tailor-made solutions for fund products and investments. To this end, we combine technical expertise with business experience. Entrepreneurial and holistic thinking determine our actions and shape the way SAMAG works.

The identification and avoidance of operational risks in investments is just as important to us as the creation of regulatory conditions geared to our investors’ needs.

Wherever potential dangers are identified and problems could possibly arise due to interfaces, we have created remedies and precautions through our own solutions.

Be it by setting up our own native-speaking teams for operations & maintenance, accounting with an SAP system adapted to our needs or our own AIFM licence approved by the CSSF in Luxembourg. This approach continues in our core activities – origination, investment management and due diligence, as well as asset management. We live our core values vis-à-vis the market and our investors:


  • Partnership
  • Reliability
  • Pragmatism
  • Motivation


Michael Saur
Thomas Haberland



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The Deal Sourcing Team performs all due diligence tasks in the course of an investment process. The scope of tasks ranges from the first data analysis to the successful transaction. The identification and avoidance of operational risks in investments is just as important to us as the creation of regulatory conditions geared to our investors’ needs.

The Asset Management team is responsible for managing the projects and assets. This includes the administration of project companies and the associated administrative activities, cooperation with financial accounting & tax administration as well as the valuation of the portfolio, the management of the individual investments (performance, turnover and cost controlling), liquidity planning, direct marketing, investor reports, banks and insurance management.

PROCORIS GmbH is responsible for commercial management and accounting within the SAMAG Group. The team takes care of all financial accounting tasks and manages the cooperation with external tax advisors. Together with these external partners, the annual financial statements are prepared annually. Close cooperation with Asset Management is indispensable here.

SAMAG maintains with SAMAG Europe S.àr.l. a manager for so-called alternative funds authorised by the Luxembourg banking supervisory authority (CSSF).
Our sister company in Italy, SAMAG ltalia S.r.l., supervises the entire operation of the photovoltaic plants. This includes the monitoring of normal operation as well as operational shutdowns and restart of the plants. Our team continuously monitors and checks compliance with the scheduled maintenance work, repairs, safety checks and expert opinions of the various contractual partners. With our own O&M teams on site, the operation of the plants is monitored and ensured so that production runs smoothly.

Operation & Maintenance

Unsere Schwestergesellschaft in Italien, die SAMAG ltalia S.r.l., überwacht den gesamten Betrieb der Photovoltaikanlagen. Dies beinhaltet die Überwachung des normalen Betriebs sowie betriebsbedingte Abschaltungen bzw. das Wiederanfahren der Anlagen. Die Einhaltung der terminlich vorgeschriebenen Wartungsarbeiten, Reparaturen, Sicherheitsüberprüfungen sowie Gutachten der verschiedenen Vertragspartner werden durch unser Team fortlaufend kontrolliert und überprüft. Durch eigene O&M­-Teams vor Ort, wird der Betrieb der Anlagen überwacht und gewährleistet, dass die Produktion störungsfrei abläuft.


Die Management-Aufgaben sind in den einzelnen Gruppenunternehmen unterschiedlich verteilt: In den SAMAG Unternehmen werden die Maßnahmen der Organisation festgelegt, mit dem die festgelegten Ziele erreicht werden sollen. Dazu werden sämtliche Vorgänge überwacht, um vor allem die rechtlichen Aktionen sicherzustellen. Zusätzlich wird das Erreichen von wirtschaftlichen Zielen mit dem ständigen Blick auf alle legalen Anforderungen überwacht. Neben den eigenen Mitarbeitern werden auch die erforderlichen Dienstleister geführt und alle Anleger und Gesellschafter regelmäßig informiert. SAMAG unterhält mit SAMAG Europe S.àr.l. einen von der luxemburgischen Bankaufsicht (CSSF) zugelassenen Manager für sogenannte Alternative Fonds. Die luxemburgische SAMAG S.àr.l. übernimmt seit fast 10 Jahren die Funktion eines haftenden Komplementärs (GP) für alle Investmentfonds in Luxemburg. SAMAG Chile SpA entwickelt und betreut unabhängig von den Luxemburger Schwesterunternehmen verschiedene industrielle Lösungen im Bereich Infrastruktur und Finanzierung.



The investment focus of the SAMAG Group is on the asset class of renewable energies and infrastructure. Via the Luxembourg units, it has been possible to build up 3 fund vehicles with a total of 340 MEUR AuM over the last 10 years.

SAMAG’s focus is on the following asset classes and markets:

  • Italy – PV plants
  • Italy – Wind onshore
  • Scandinavia – Wind onshore co-investments
  • Germany – Wind onshore co-investment
  • Germany – Wind offshore
  • Germany – PV plants
  • Germany – Infrastructure co-investments
  • France – PV plants
  • South America – Infrastructure co-investments
  • Spain – Infrastructure co-investments



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SAMAG Deutschland GmbH

Christian Neubauer
Investment Manager
Maximilian Pittermann
Investment Analyst



Christina Geiger

Asset Management

SAMAG Deutschland GmbH

Thomas Haberland
Partner / Asset Manager
Christian Czeisz
Asset Manager
Jochen Rösch
Asset Manager

Operation & Maintenance


David Colone
Country Manager
Marianna Nota
Project Engineer

Operation & Maintenance

SAMAG Italia S.r.l.

David Colone
Country Manager
Marianna Nota
Project Engineer


SAMAG Deutschland GmbH

Michael Saur
Managing Partner


SAMAG Europe S.à r.l.

Claudia Thiel
Conducting Officer / Head of Office
Farshid Navi
Conducting Officer
Lisa Reinhold
Fund Controller